Interview: Chris Pegula, Founder, Diaper Dude

Chris Pegula

Meet Entrepreneur Chris Pegula, Founder, DiaperDude “Stay vigilant, stay focused, keep an open mind and ear to all of the advice you are given and follow your gut. Stay positive!” What does your business offer? We make lifestyle accessories brand that help young families to get from A to B in style. Men are equal partners in the […]

Interview: Michael Pelletz, Founder, SafeHer

Meet Entrepreneur Michael Pelletz, SafeHer “Never, ever give up and always follow your gut instinct.” What does your business offer? We are a rideshare company driven by women for women and children only. The benefits are safety got women and children. All our drivers will be certified as bus drivers so you can feel very safe sending your […]

Interview: Tonya Kramer, Founder, Knee Skins

Tonya Kramer

Meet Mom Entrepreneur Tonya Kramer, Knee Skins When this mom started her business in 2012, she had no idea how much she’d experience and learn. “I wouldn’t have listened to any advice. The reaction I got from my mom was “you are a determined little girl”.” What does your business offer? Interchangeable front knee panels due to […]

Interview: Jason Roberts, Founder, Vacuums Guide

Jason Roberts, Founder, Vacuums Guide

Meet  Entrepreneur  Jason Roberts, Founder, Vacuums Guide “Always follow your dreams, no matter what others say. Invest all your effort into something that you like, and stick with that thing until it works. It will.” What does your business offer? I provide advice on selecting the perfect vacuum cleaner, depending on the home and flooring […]

Interview: Kevin Gatlin, Founder, Playtime Edventures

Meet Entrepreneur Kevin Gatlin, Playtime Edventures LLC “Entrepreneurship is just as much physical as it is mental! You have to be prepared to deal with the physical strain a start-up will put on your business. Meaning make time to exercise and eat right so that you can stay up the long hours and fight colds that would stop you from working!” […]