Video Interview: How Blinkybuggy’s Founder Approaches Investors

blinkbuggy founder

How did Blinkbuggy Approach and Secure Investors?

How did Emma Weisberg, Founder, Blinkbuggy validate her business idea, build a modern day baby book and approach investors to raise $500k through friends & family?

Interview: Emma Weisberg, Founder, Blinkbuggy (modern day baby book for parents)

After 10 months of developing her product, she learned she couldn’t use it.  Disappointed, she was going to throw it out the window … so to speak.  Prior to scrapping it, she received a valuable piece of mentor advice “just have 10 friends try it out and provide feedback.”  By doing this, she determined what mattered and  it helped form the next round of development.

Tune in to hear her story – the first 2 years:

  • Aha Moment to validating her business idea
  • Developing the technology and going through multiple developers – lessons learned
  • The materials she prepared prior to contacting investors
  • How to put a $ value on an early stage company
  • How she feels after taking money
  • The approach she took to doing PR herself and the results
  • Advice to Mompreneurs

About Blinkbuggy:

Blinkbuggy makes it easy to capture and store all your memories in one place and create meaningful stories of our lives. Through simple and flexible privacy controls only you decide what to share and with whom to share it.

Show Notes

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  1. Great interview Rachel. I really appreciated Emma’s candor. I too am a start-up entrepreneur and will try to connect with her to get additional strategic insight. SNAPO is an educational (STEAM) toy building block made in USA. We have a patented connection system that allows blocks to SNAP,SLIDE, & ROTATE so kids can imagine, create, and play in three dimensions. SNAPO has won several awards and recently featured on Fox Business at Toy Fair.

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