Best Baby Bouncers

best baby bouncers

While you always want to hold your baby, it’s just not feasible – or really good for either of you. That is where baby equipment such as a bouncer comes in. A bouncer is a light weight piece of baby equipment that you can move from room to room so you can always have an […]

Best Baby Bottle Warmers To Heat Up Breast Milk Or Formula

best bottle warmers

When you are a busy mom of a newborn, time and energy are two things that are as valuable as sleep. This is why anything that can save either time or energy becomes a near necessity. One of these such things is the bottle warmer.   Here are ten of the top choices when it […]

Interview: Angela Smith, Yip Yap, Inc.

Angela Smith

Meet Mom Entrepreneur Angela Smith, Founder, Yip Yap, Inc. “Manage your expectations. Put forth your best effort and work your plan, but when something doesn’t go as expected, don’t consider it a setback or failure. Everything is an experience to be learned from. We have had many “setbacks” and “failures” but we would not be […]

Video Interview: How Blinkybuggy’s Founder Approaches Investors

blinkbuggy founder

  How did Blinkbuggy Approach and Secure Investors? How did Emma Weisberg, Founder, Blinkbuggy validate her business idea, build a modern day baby book and approach investors to raise $500k through friends & family? After 10 months of developing her product, she learned she couldn’t use it.  Disappointed, she was going to throw it out the window […]