Video Interview: Toydozer Inventor Talks Manufacturing & Marketing

AMY Bradley  Toydozer

Entrepreneur Interview: Amy Bradley, Inventor & Founder, Toydozer

In this entrepreneur interview, Amy describes her AHA moment to winning Anderson Cooper’s “Search for the Next Mompreneur” chosen by Shark Tank’s Lori Grenier.  This interview is for anyone who is trying to define and re-define their target market and wants to understand some innovative sales and marketing tactics.

  • The moment she decided to bring her product to market
  • Manufacturing in the U.S. (after 1st going to Mexico)
  • Getting on major TV shows – Anderson Live, CNBC, Today Show, Fox Business and the results
  • Where she found the most success 😉
  • Comparing her past role of celebrity assistant to being an entrepreneur
  • Tips for mompreneurs

About Toydozer

Kids LOVE toys that come in a gazillion little pieces. LEGO®, LEGO Duplo®, MEGA BLOKS®, Polly Pocket®, you name it. They also LOVE dumping these toys out all over the floor. But what they do NOT love is cleaning it all up one little handful at a time.…

The Toydozer is a 2 part clean up set that makes the job fast and easy for everyone. Modeled after parts of a bulldozer, the scoop and gatherer work together to swoop up lots of toys at once, cleaning a messy play area in seconds!

Quote:  Never, Never, Never Give Up by Winston Churchill

Entrepreneur Traits:  You have to be strong and keep at it, ambitious, to be able to set goals and be organized and be your own boss.  It’s so many things wrapped up into one.

Show Notes

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