How to Introduce a New Product to Market

Jennifer MacDonald

 Ever wondered How to Introduce a New Product to Market…a type of product that your customers don’t even know exists?

Entrepreneur Interview: Jennifer MacDonald, Co-Founder, Zipit Bedding for Kids

How do you educate and create brand awareness?  Tune in and listen as  Jennifer MacDonald, Co-Founder,  Zipit Bedding shares how she and sister started their business..  Her AHA moment came at her son’s sleepover party.  She and her sister created Zipit Bedding –  The All In One Bedding Solution for Kids.

Jennifer describes her AHA moment to designing the first prototype.  This interview is for anyone who is trying to define and re-define their target market and wants to understand some innovative sales and marketing tactics.

  • Go To Market Process – defining and educating your target customer
  • Selling out the first 1,000 units
  • Zulily launch – the surprise results
  • Value of mom blogs
  • Evaluating to license or sell their product direct
  • Working with her sister/Co-Founder and managing family
  • Tips for mompreneurs

Quote:  You Have To Walk Before You Can Run

Entrepreneur Traits:  Perseverance – A personality that sees the bigger picture – Keep those plates spinning – Take a few moments every morning…how do I want this day to go to get centered and have the intention for the day.  A highly organized person.

Show Notes

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