Video Interview: Traklight CEO Shares Startup Challenges

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Traklight CEO Shares Insight into Start-up Challenges

Mary Juetten, Founder & CEO, TrakLight - Hiring a Developer & Raising Capital

Before you hire a software developer or raise capital, listen to this interview with Mary Juetten, Founder & CEO, TrakLight.

How did Mary Juetten, a former CPA and JD start  an online consulting software company that allows inventors, creators, and businesses to identify Intellectual Property IP) and provides a plan to secure that IP at a fraction of the cost that would have been paid to in person providers?

As Founder & CEO, Traklight, Mary says they “take the scary out of IP.”

Tune in to hear her story – the first 3 years :

  • Creating software:  the process Mary went through to create her software and her advice to anyone forging this path
  • Hiring developers: the questions she wished she asked during the interview process prior to hiring and firing 3 developers
  • Hiring anyone:  what to include in your consulting agreements with any new hire
  • Resources:  the knowledge any non-techy Founder needs to know
  • Raising capital as a woman in the tech world – pitching to 2 angel groups & the best advice she received
    • Her reaction to someone telling her not to act too much like a woman – don’t be too perky

 Show Notes

Techspeak for Entrepreneurs are workshops created by Nelly Yusupova, CTO of Webgrrls International, designed to teach non-technical entrepreneurs and business people about the entire process of communicating with, understanding, and managing technology teams and projects.


“I try to do something scary everyday like reaching out to someone on LinkedIn that I don’t know”  by Mary Juetten

“If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman”  by Margaret Thatcher

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