Overcoming Naysayers – The Highs & Very Lows of Entrepreneurship

Shelly Ehler, Founder, Show No Towel - The Highs and Lows of Being an Entrepreneur

Shelly Ehler, Show No Towel


Sharks fought over her on Shark Tank landing her a deal with Lori Grenier only  to learn that QVC doesn’t take children’s products.  Disheartened, Shelly kept pounding the pavement.  She moved forward and landed on the Today Show, Good Morning America and received a major licensing deal.  Sounds, great, right??  Not always.  In this interview, we’ll dig deeper into the highs and lows of each experience and what it taught her about her greater purpose in life.

“I was on Shark Tank to sell hope.”  Her journey is a much bigger one – evolving as a spiritual being, listening to her calling and staying in gratitude when life throws her curve balls.

  • Aha Moment
  • Overcoming Naysayers   – tips on what to say to naysayers and negative people about your idea/business
  • Listening to Your Intuition
  • Media results – Shark Tank, Today Show, Good Morning America
  • Forging YOUR path in life &  business


  • What You Focus on Expands – Oprah Winfrey
  • Do or Do Not, There Is No Try – Yoda

Thank you for watching and listening to our mom entrepreneur interview.


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