Audio Interview: Amber Schaub Shares The Rufflebutts Story

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The Rufflebutts Start-up Story + Lessons

In 2012, after being in business for only 5 years, her company was named #166 on INC’s fastest growing children’s apparel company in America with almost $2.5 million in sales.

Now, they are on track to hit almost $5 million in sales.

Recently, she and her co-founder and husband Mark landed a deal on Shark Tank for $600k for 9% of their company with Lori Grenier.

Welcome to the Best Mom Products show where mompreneurs share their adventures in business.

I’m your host Rachel Olsen. In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Amber Shaub, the founder of Rufflebutts & Ruggedbutts.

On today’s show, we’ll dive into how she started her business, got her first customers, 150k FB followers and what she attributes her success to.

  • Aha Moment
  • Working with her husband full-time
  • Ethics in business
  • Growing & managing rapid growth
  • Media results – Shark Tank, Anderson Cooper
  • Future hopes and direction

LISTEN to the Audio Only  (no video for this interview)


If you want to take over the islands, you have to burn the boats … by Tony Robbins

Thank you for watching and listening to our mom entrepreneur interview.

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