Interview: Janice Taylor, CEO,

Janice Taylor, CEO at

Entrepreneur Interview: Janet Taylor, CEO,

Janice Taylor candidly chats about …

  • Building a safe, online community for children and their parents
  • Her immediate business success from becoming Oprah’s ultimate viewer
  • The impetus to changing the direction of her online community
  • Moving from Canada to Silicon Valley to build an Executive team
  • Raising funds and getting the opportunity to join an accelerator
  • Advice on establishing the right team and inspiration on what keeps her going

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  1. Hello, Rachel and Happy New Year! Just touching base and letting you know that I’m still here and haven’t given up on the vision and passion of FamilyNation. I’m applying to a couple of accelerators, continuing to work on a minimally viable product demo (a la The Lean Startup as defined by Eric Reis), and looking for a woman co-founder who would like to help lead something special. I hope you and your business are doing well. I continue to pass your name and organization along to women whom I meet so I hope you’re receiving new contacts based on that. I loved your interview w/ Janice Taylor, (I met w/ her in SF last fall; great person w/ good ideas about women, kids & family) and all of the work you continue to do to promote the value and contribution of women. Great stuff. I will keep in touch and please do the same. All the best and bye for now, JS

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