7 Best Baby Wipes For Diaper Rashes Reviews

Whether you’re cleaning their face, hands, or bum, baby wipes are essential when raising infants and even toddlers. They’re a must-have, and that’s why suitable picking wipes is crucial, especially if the baby in question is an infant, has sensitive skin, or is developing diaper rashes. Diaper rashes are caused by various reasons, the three main ones being irritation, allergy, and infection.

Baby wipes made without Alcohol or Parabens are an excellent choice for managing diaper rashes. One of the primary benefits of hypoallergenic wipes is that they’re specially created to not irritate your baby’s skin.

They are mostly scent-free and water-based with PH-balanced Aloe and Vitamin E to help prevent rashes. This post provides a review of seven top baby wipes on the market.

Best Water-Based Baby Wipes

There are various advantages to choosing hypoallergenic wipes, including the ability to not just help prevent rashes but to clean already sensitive and irritated skin without irritating it any further, which is ideal for babies with diapers rashes. Scented or chemical-based based wipes are not always suitable for babies, especially infants and toddlers with sensitive skin.

There’s always the chance of chemicals like preservatives and perfume irritating the skin baby. The contents of water-based wipes, on the other hand, are fully chemical-free and mostly consist of 99% water, which means they’re less likely to irritate your baby’s skin.

When you use chemical-based wipes on your baby’s skin, you increase the risk of experiencing friction, which could easily irritate your baby’s skin further and aggravate the rash. Water-based wipes, however, are the frictionless, 100% safe, non-toxic option.

Aside from that, these wipes are also: hygienic, eco-friendly, easy-to-clean (for reusable wipes), and healthy. Water-based wipes are, in a nutshell, the greatest non-toxic baby wipes available. The following is a list of the top water-based baby bottles on the market, as well as their advantages and other details that will assist you in deciding which wipes is ideal for your child.

Pampers Sensitive Water-Based Baby Wipes

The Pampers Sensitive Water-Based Baby Wipes is one of the leading water-based baby wipes options in the market. It contains hypoallergenic natural ingredients and  ZERO alcohol and preservatives. In addition, it’s a leading bestseller in the baby skincare category, and most hospitals in the USA use them. They’re very mild on the skin, which is something your baby would love.

The Pampers Baby Wipes have been known to work well on babies with very sensitive skin. They’ve been tested and approved by dermatologists to be safe for cleaning not just the diaper area but your baby’s hands and face too. 


  • Available in most stores
  • Comes thicker than most wipes
  • Can stay moist for long


  • Not the best eco-friendly option.

Huggies Nourish And Care Wipes

The most outstanding feature of the Huggies Nourish and Card Wipes is that it was specifically created to tackle diaper rashes. They are 99% triple-filtered water and feature 4-in-1 sensitive skincare that allows for Cleaning, Hydrating, Soothing and Nourishing. They are 20% thicker than the regular Huggies Natural Care Wipes, allowing for more thorough cleaning whilst moisturizing your baby’s skin.

The Huggies Nourish and Care Wipes are dermatologically tested and proven to be suitable for sensitive skin and help to moisturize the skin in order to prevent and treat diaper rashes. It is manufactured with cocoa and shea butter for soothing hydration and is lightly scented to smell like cocoa.


  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Has a balanced Hypoallergenic and pH
  • They are also budget-friendly


  • They are “too wet” sometimes.

Babyganics Baby Wipes

The Babyganics Baby Wipes are specially formulated for infants and their sensitive skin. Having been pediatrician and dermatologist tested, they are ideal for use on babies with sensitive skin for cleaning and moisturizing, whilst also being an active agent to help tackle diaper rashes. They’re made from plant-based ingredients like avocado oil and aloe and are alcohol and paraben, making them a favorite for parents with newborns.

Babyganics Baby Wipes are suitable for not just cleaning the diaper area but also to clean the face and hands of infants. They don’t contain any artificial dye or scent.


Suitable for multipurpose use with infants

Ideal for sensitive skin


  • More expensive option
  • Thinner than most competition.

Mustela Baby Cleansing Wipes

Mustela Baby Cleansing Wipes are another brand known to specifically focus on clearing out diaper rash. They are formulated with plant-based ingredients such as aloe vera extract and avocado person, which help soothe and moisturize irritated skin and help protect your baby from further skin irritation. These wipes are alcohol and paraben-free but with a slight scent.

They are one of the most sorts after wipes on the market because of how effective they are when it comes to tackling skin-related concerns in infants and toddlers.


  • Multipurpose- face, hands, and diaper area
  • We can also reuse the container
  • Suitable for treating skin-related concerns like diaper rashes


  • More expensive option
  • Relatively smaller size than competition.

Doctor Butler’s Organic Soothing Baby Wipes

Doctor Butler’s Organic Soothing Baby Wipes is one of the few wipes in the market that live up to the “organic wipes” hype. They are free of chemicals and artificial preservatives, made from ultra-soft bamboo cloth, they are more durable than most wipes.

Doctor Butler’s Organic Wipes are made from natural ingredients such as essential oils and vitamins. That makes them suitable for sensitive skin and postpartum moms. Their multifunctional features are able to allow for a high level of useability.


  • Multipurpose- suitable for both mother and child
  • Environmentally friendly
  • They are also ideal for treating sensitive and irritated skin


  • Hard to find
  • More expensive than the competition.

Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

The Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are like an all-around heavyweight, and they consist of 99%  unscented pure water. They’re thicker than the average wipes and can be used to clean your baby from head to toe. Made from organic materials, they are known for having a velvety feel and are gentle on the skin. With Zero chemicals and artificial scents or preservatives, these wipes are a healthy option for preventing and managing diaper rashes.

They’re made from hypoallergenic organic materials, which means that you can start using them on your baby’s skin from the very first week without risking irritation. Just bring them out once you are ready to take care of your baby.


  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Affordable and easily accessible in the market
  • Multipurpose- Suitable for baby’s head to toe.
  • They are alsp ideal for sensitive skin to avoid and manage skin-related concerns


  • None that we’re aware of.

Mum and You Biodegradable Wipes

The Mum and You Biodegradable Wipes is the go-to option if you are someone who cares about where your baby’s wipes are from and what they’re made of. Mum and You Biodegradable Wipes are made from environmentally friendly materials that are biodegradable and can begin to decompose as soon as 15 days after use. Their packaging is also not from plastic and can recycle.

The wipes themselves have been tested and confirmed by dermatologists to be safe for babies with sensitive skin that is prone skin related problems, like eczema and rashes. Made from plant-based materials that contain 99% water, Mum and You Wipes are ideal for sensitive babies who have sensitive skin and parents who are conscious of their environment.


  • The hypoallergenic, plant-based formula for sensitive skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • They are also affordable and easily accessible in the market


  • Sticky seal falls off over time
  • It can be difficult to pull out just one at any given time.

Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Wipes

The Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Wipes are a more budget-friendly option. Budget-friendly not in the sense that they’re the cheapest option, but rather that they’re the more economical solution if you put wipe count per package into consideration.

They’re equally alcohol, scent, and parabens-free; The National Eczema Association approves them and they are safe for use on sensitive skin. The wipes can serve the function of both moisturizing and prevention of skin-related issues.


  • Economical and budget-friendly
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Ther are also thick and soft
  • Durable


  • Some babies find them allergenic

Final Verdict

Getting the ideal baby wipes for your infant or toddler isn’t a far-fetched idea, as long as you have the right information. There are a variety of baby wipes manufacturers who claim to use hypoallergenic materials that are capable of dealing with diaper rashes and moisturizing your child. However, if you spend some time doing a little bit of research, just like we’ve done, you will find the ideal diaper for your little one.

Thus, you can read through once again to find all the information you need concerning wipes.

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