17 Best Musical Toys for Babies

Not only do musical toys soothe and fascinate your baby, but they also play a critical role in helping your little one develop the necessary motor skills. Today, we have a lot of exciting musical toys available.

From rainbow musical makers to singing bears, here’s a list of the 17 best musical toys for babies. Check them out.

Best Musical Toys for Babies

Musical toys are great playthings for your little ones. They encourage a love for music, strong motor skills, and stimulate your child’s curiosity. We tested a wide range of these toys, focusing on their durability, safety, educational and developmental benefits, and came up with a short list. 

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite musical toys. 

One thing is true about this musical toy – it is super cute and has a really creative design. The song arrays are both soothing and stimulating. If you pull the squirrel out of the acorn, you get delighted with the sounds of the famous cradle song. As the song continues to play, the squirrel will gently wiggles into the acorn. Manhattan baby musical toy is also a cool crinkle toy. 

We adore the fact that this musical toy is made with ultra-soft fabric and crinkle ears that allow your little ones to explore. You can get this toy for just $23 and hang on your child’s crib or leave it as a plaything for your baby. 

We loved Bruin musical toys because of their functionality and cuteness. With just $23, your child could have a whole band set to play with and enjoy the sounds of “Twinkle Twinkle” and so much more. The set contains a rainbow tube, an egg shaker, a textured rattle, and a caged bell. All of these toys are perfectly shaped and come in vibrant colors that catch your kid’s fancy.

Kids adore this set and are fascinated by each of the toys. What’s more, they are super durable and made from baby-friendly materials. Check this musical toy for babies under 6 months old out today.

Hape Magic Einstein music toy is a great musical toy that uses touch magic. While the keys don’t move, they still respond to touch, thrilling you with music. It’s a smart way to introduce your baby to music. Your little ones can hit random keys, while the much older kids can use this toy to practice their music reading skills.

We tried it out with kids aged 6 months and above, and it was spectacular. They all loved it, and yes, it sounds like an actual piano. What’s more, this toy is built to stand the test of time! 

The Infantino musical toy comes with many interactive features to keep your baby interested for a few years. The best part is that you can start using it as soon as your baby is born. It is safe, easy to use, and fun for kids.

The piano keys light up when touched and are easy for your little one to grasp. Introduce your little ones to songs, jingles, and spoken words with this super fun and interactive toy. We hope you enjoy this musical toy as much as we enjoyed reviewing it. 

Baby Gund Flappy Musical Elephant is a super cute toy that works well for newborns and younger kids. When you push the elephant’s right foot, the ears flap, and then the sweetest song ever starts to play. Think that’s cute? There’s more. 

When you push the elephant’s left foot, the ears and eyes move in a peekaboo fashion. With less than $35, your kids can enjoy all of the joys of this elephant musical toy.

If you need a toy to keep your kids engaged and entertained for hours on end, then this Interactive Sloth musical baby is perfect. All your little one needs to do is press the buttons on its feet, and the toy will begin to play jingles. 

We love this toy because it offers you great value for your money and is incredibly stimulating. Enjoy the vibrant colors of this toy and the incredible learning experience it offers for a fair price.

Hola musical toy is more than just a toy. It is an educational tool that engages your baby while teaching him how to crawl. As the dinosaur crawls around, you will hear sweet jingles that lure your baby into following. It also teaches your baby hand-eye coordination; sweet, isn’t it?

The toy comes with different light and sound effects that make playing with it fun for your kind. Even more, it has volume adjustment buttons and is made from safe materials. Check out this musical toy today and delight your precious one.

Babies love this textured musical toy. The blend of different textures and sounds helps teach them about the world around them and develop their auditory and tactile senses.

With each push of the button, your baby is rewarded with awesome songs to thrill their senses and keep them occupied. Simply allowing the child to explore each of the bumpy buttons helps teach them about cause and effect in a safe way. Speaking of safe, this toy is completely safe for your baby (3 months and above).

If you need a toy to keep your little one occupied while you get some work done around the house, then Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is a smart choice. This toy has seven buttons; each plays a different classic for your child.

Einstein music toy comes in the perfect size so that you can toss it into the diaper bag when you go out. It also comes with a button for volume control so that your little one doesn’t get overwhelmed by the noise.

The Fisher-price musical piano has four different settings and eight notes to thrill your little kids. Each of the modes on this toy has a different popular song, learning modules (alphabets and numbers), and stimulating sounds.

Being compact, this toy can easily fit into your diaper bag, meaning that you get to keep the little ones entertained all day.

Bath time should also be fun! So spice it off with this Munchkin Bath Beats Musical bath toy. It comes with a five-piece band set that includes a rattling drum, a bead maze, a xylophone, a drumstick, and two starfish shakers.

Each item in this musical set is rust-proof, so you don’t have to worry about it rusting in the water. The Munchkin musical set is a must-have if you have kids above a year old.

Like many of the musical baby toys on our list, the Baby Octoplush musical toy does more than play music. With a squeeze, you can decide which language you want your child’s favorite classics played in. Select between English, Spanish, and French.

This toy is made from plush fabric and is super cuddly and great for babies aged 3 months and above. The beauty of this musical toy is that it is also great for older babies.

For less than $17, you can get your baby a super interactive musical crib toy. This musical farmyard cube comes equipped with many sights, sounds, and textures to keep your little one occupied. The cube plays delightful sounds ranging from songs to animal noises when pressed. 

Melissa and Doug’s musical farmyard cube set is great for building your child’s motor, sensory, logical, emotional, linguistic, and communication skills. Another thing in this toy’s favor is durable, safe, and compact.

Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe Activity Play Mat is an all-in-one toy that seems to do everything. It offers a broad range of sensory experiences for your baby. What’s more, you can start using this activity mat as soon as your little one is born.

Offer your kid a playmat designed with 18 activities that help their development, three melodies, and a mirror that aids self-recognition. 

If you are looking for an ideal musical toy for 1 year-old babies, then this toy is a great idea. We love that for $13; you can get a durable toy that your little one can use from 6 months up until 3 years. 

Your kids can unwind as they listen to the numerous melodies from this toy. This toy is fun and encourages your kids to develop their motor skills. Enjoy all of the goodness of this cute toy today. 

If you need a musical toy to keep your toddler entertained, the PlayMonster Mirari Piano is a great choice. It is a great way to introduce kids to the piano. When tapped, the keys give musical sounds, and stars pop out of the pipes. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

This toy is perfect for kids a year and above and won’t set you back an arm and a leg. Check it out today.

Looking for a way to get your toddler to learn new songs and sing along? Then the Leapfrog Musical Mat is a good choice. Get your toddler grooving and develop their hand-eye coordination with this inexpensive toy.

The Leapfrog Musical Mat is perfect for children two years and above. It helps to teach time their alphabets numbers and develops their coordination. What’s more, with this toy, you can finally wear them out during nap times and get some rest yourself.

Bonus: Tips on Selecting the Best Musical Toys for Babies

Selecting a musical toy from the numerous options available can be quite a chore. But with these tips, we are confident that you will make the best choice for your child. Here are things you should look out for when selecting a musical toy for your baby.

1.    Design and Ease of Cleaning

Consider how robust the toy is and how easy it is to clean. You don’t want to select a difficult toy to keep clean.

2.    Functions

Next, look for a toy that has different musical sounds and functions. You want to get value for your money. 

3.    Safety

Ensure that whichever toy you choose is safe for your baby. Look out for the material used in making the toy and any sharp edges or loose parts that can harm your baby. 

4.    Interactive

It is always great to go for an interactive toy that stimulates your child’s attention. These kinds of musical toys also help support your child’s learning and cognitive development.

5.    Durability

It makes sense to go for highly durable toys that can withstand the rough handling that is sure to come. High-quality toys last longer and can be passed down to your younger children or even another family friend when the need arises. 

6.    Price

The final consideration is price. It won’t do to go for a musical toy that costs an arm and a leg when you can get something cheaper that meets all of your child’s needs.

Final Thoughts

Multipurpose toys are great for keeping the little ones occupied, so we love musical toys. We hope this list of our favorite musical toys helps you spice up your kiddies’ toy basket and get them gainfully engaged. Incorporate music into your kid’s playtime and bath time with these affordable toys.

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