Best Toys for Babies Under 6 Months

Most of the developmental processes for babies start at 6-months. That is why it is important to choose a toy that supports all of their new developmental stages. Your kids can learn words, numbers, songs, self-recognition, colors, and emotions from these interactive toys.

So, in this article, we have researched the best toys for children 6-months and above. You will also find tips on selecting the best tub toys for your babies and toddlers. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Top 11 Toys for 6-Month Old

We’ve done a lot of research and reviewed several toys, and these are the top 11 toys for babies. We also included a couple of the best bath toys for babies.

Leapfrog plush puppy is a cute interactive toy that teaches your child to sing, dance, count, speak, and identify colors, feelings, and emotions. Take it one step further by customizing the child’s name on the toy so that it recognizes your child’s name.

We love that this toy has volume controls and a timer to help you transition to naptime or bedtime easily. You can play a lullaby for 5-15 minutes to soothe your little one.

Age Recommendation: Perfect for kids 6 to 36 months


  • Great way to teach your child words, numbers, and colors
  • It helps develop emotional intelligence
  • Comes with over 40 lullabies
  • Can be customized to call your baby’s name
  • Equipped with over 15 learning activities


  • Tough to program

The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys is the perfect plaything for your little one. These brightly colored cups (eight in number) teach your baby to count and identify colors. Each cup has holes at the base so that your toddler can fill them up with water or sand and watch them trickle out.

The stacking activity helps keep your kids occupied and learning. What’s more, this toy is pocket friendly and easy to clean. Whatever your child’s temperament is, they will love this toy. Check it out today.


  • Made from BPA, lead, and phthalate-free plastic
  • Easy to stack
  • 100% safe for babies – zero BPA, Lead, and Phthalates
  • Encourages kids to count
  • Perfect weight for babies and toddlers
  • Easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly and super interactive


  • Babies may find it hard to grip

SmartNoggin Developmental toy is the perfect multipurpose toy to engage your kids gainfully and facilitate cognitive development. The Noggin heads also doubles as a safe bath toy for babies and changes color when your baby touches them – this color change helps your kid identify colors. By following the eyes on the head of the toy, your baby is visually stimulated.

SmartNoggin Developmental toys come with different textures on the body that encourage tactile engagement. Another fun part is that this toy has a mirror at its base that allows your baby to see himself. Get a step-by-step guide on how to monitor your child’s milestones as part of the package.


  • Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, and other harmful materials
  • It comes with 3 LR44 batteries
  • Builds your kid’s vision and tactile skills
  • The mirror at the base helps teach your child self-recognition
  • Budget-friendly


  • The plastic design could cause some parents to pause

If you loved Tummy time before, wait till you see the newer models. They come with mirrors made especially for your kid. It is easy to set up, and kids find it very stimulating. The rotating crinkly bee and lady bed rattle attached to the mirror are major attractions for kids.

It weighs just 6.4 ounces and is compact so transporting it is not a problem. Please encourage your child to see their face in a different light with this cute toy.


  • Easy to set up
  • The rattle and crinkly bee allows your kid to explore touch
  • Stimulates self-recognition tactile and vision skills.
  • Great way to occupy your kids


  • Concerns of safety

You may notice your child trying to crawl from six to nine months. The Skip Hop 3-Stage Developmental Learning toy can help them crawl better. The wobbly rattle is great for pre-crawlers, while the circular movement lures the beginner crawlers into following on hands and knees. The toy also has random movements that encourage more advanced crawlers to chase.

Thanks to the built-in sensors, this toy can avoid walls and other obstacles. The colorful lights fascinate your kid and act as a great reward for all of that crawling.


  • Designed to meet your child’s growing needs
  • Encourages crawling
  • Moveable rubberized beads are great for teething kids
  • Affordable and durable
  • It comes with a sensor that helps it avoid obstacles


  • No volume controls for the sounds

One of our favorite toys for building your child’s motor skills is this Fat Brain Toy. It comes with six chunky blocks that are the perfect size for your kids. Each of the blocks has unique textures that help with tactile development.

Fat Brain Toy challenges your toddler to explore their curiosity safely. They can push the different blocks through the elastic bands and build their motor skills. With this versatile toy, your child is sure going to be engaged all day.


  • Each set contains six textured chunky blocks
  • The blocks help the development of tactile skills
  • Promotes development of fine motor skills
  • Stimulates curiosity and learning


  • It costs a bit more than other toys
  • Some kids find the straps on the box a bit restrictive

One easy way to teach your kids and bond with them is by reading a book together. By simply listening to you read, they begin to develop language skills, and their comprehension skills grow. That’s where this Indestructible Basic Wordbook set comes in. It is durable and provides you with an easy way to introduce your kids to the world of reading.

Each book in this set has a simple theme and is replete with beautiful illustrations that are sure to catch your kid’s fancy. What’s more, these books are made from the finest tear-proof material and are machine-washable.


  • 100% machine washable
  • Made from durable material that is both rip- and tear-proof
  • Features beautiful illustrations that engage your kids
  • Each story is simple to follow
  • Budget-friendly
  • It can be chewed and pulled on without ruining


  • It gets wrinkly after a couple of washes

Tomy Toomies Hide & Squeak eggs are perfect for 6-months old. Each package has six eggs with a different facial expression and color. Continued interaction with these eggs teaches your kids to identify colors and shapes.

When taken out, each of these eggs gives out a unique chirping sound that thrills your precious one. You can add them to your Easter basket for your kids to play with. One thing is sure; this toy is one of the best investments you can ever make for your child – they can keep using them even when they are over 2 years. The shape sorting, sound collection, and color recognition keep your baby engaged.


  • Suitable for babies 6 to 36 months
  • Safe and durable
  • Help with fine motor development
  • Teach your kids colors and develop their tactile skills
  • Super stimulating


  • Parts may fall apart

Green toys are simply awesome. They are made from the finest of plastic materials that are 100% recyclable. They are designed as light up bath toys and thrill your child during bath time.

The best part about this toy is it can be used from 6-months till early toddlerhood and stimulates your kid’s development without frustrating them.


  • Easy to grip
  • Suitable for kids 6-months and above
  • An exciting way to keep kids busy during bath time
  • Made from recyclable plastic


  • A little pricey

You’ve seen stacking toys that come in the form of rings and blocks but have you seen a rainbow stacker? Super cute, you bet. This Rainbow Silicone Stacker comes in a set of 10 nests that fit perfectly today and help improve your child’s spatial awareness alongside coordination skills.

Rainbow Silicone Stacker is as versatile as toys come, plus they are safe for kids. They can be used in the bathtub, like ramps for toy vehicles and so much more.


  • Phthalate, Lead, and BPA free
  • Safe for children
  • Multipurpose toys
  • Great developmental toy
  • Water-friendly
  • Super cute and durable
  • It helps your child explore their curiosity
  • Easy to clean
  • It comes with a guarantee


  • A tad pricey

Mixi Baby Blocks come in gorgeous hues that are not too bright or dull. They are pleasant for both kids and parents to look at. Mixi baby blocks offer your kids hours on the end of learning and fun from 6-months till they are ready to give it up.

Each of the 12 blocks comes with a different color, pattern, number, fruit, and animal. So your baby learns to stack them up like a jigsaw puzzle and never get tired of them. The best part is that the building blocks also make for great teething toys. You can also use them during bath times since Mixi bath toys don’t mold, rusting or getting spoilt.


  • Made from durable materials
  • BPA, lead and phthalate-free
  • Interactive toys that help with the developmental stage
  • Cute and easy to clean
  • Allow your baby to explore
  • Costs $19
  • Suitable for 6-month olds
  • Chewable and suited for bath times


  • May have an initial smell

Bonus: How to Pick Out the Best Toys for 6-Month-Old Children

our research and come up with key considerations to help you choose the best toys for your 6-month-old kid. We hope they help ease your burden.

1.    Safety

The number one criteria is selecting a safe toy for your baby. Ensure that the toy pieces are not so small that they can fit into the child’s mouth. Also, look out for toys that pose choking hazards. Those loose pellets and stuffing can suffocate your precious little one.

Size aside, you also need to choose a toy made from safe materials, i.e., free from harmful chemicals like BPA and lead. Ensure that the toy doesn’t have sharp edges to cut your kid.

2.    Meets Your Child’s Developmental Milestones

You want a toy that helps your baby reach their developmental milestone, and at 6 months old, the major thing kids do is play. The toys on our lists are designed to help your child’s developmental process. Some help your kids build cognitive language skills and even teach them to identify numbers and colors.

Toys with mirrors can also help your child grow emotionally and lead to self-recognition. The best part is that you can find a toy that meets your child’s growing needs.

3.    Types of Play

We advise that you select toys that offer your child a wide range of developmental activities. By interacting with these toys, your child learns to harness their curiosity and individuality. Read up on your child’s milestones to get an idea of toys that can help your child develop.

Look for toys that allow your baby to explore, stimulate their senses, and allows them to develop fine motor skills. Textured toys also help build tactile development in little children.

You can also pick out a bath toy that works perfectly for newborns and toddlers. An example is  the duck toy.

4.    Durability

Choose a toy that can stand the test of time. Quality toys will often outlast your child’s play years and can be passed down to your younger children.

While at it, ensure the toy you choose is easy to clean. If you can, get one that is machine washable to take some of the stress off you. If you choose a bath toy, then you will need to learn how to clean bath toys.

5.    Cost

Choose a toy within your budget. There are several inexpensive developmental toys out there that can support your child’s growth and developmental needs. Some of these toys have multiple purposes and age ranges, so you don’t need to worry about selecting another set.

Final Thoughts

There are many developmental toys suitable for 6-month-old kids and above. Some of them can also double as your baby’s bath toy. We have listed some of our favorites. The toys on our list are pocket-friendly, easy to set up, safe for your babies, and absolutely great for helping your child in their growth journey. Check them out.

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