How To Use Top 6 Favourite Baby Pacifier Clips

As parents, you already have more than a lot to keep track of, from the major to the minor things. And that’s enough to make you feel like you’ll never keep up. Continuously losing things like pacifiers makes it even more frustrating. That’s where pacifier clips come in. 

Pacifier clips are useful for keeping track of your baby’s pacifiers; else you’ll end up losing a lot of pacifiers. Let’s look at the basic types of pacifier clips and how to use them.

What are Pacifier Clips?

Pacifier clips are handy tools that help you keep track of your baby’s pacifiers. They can be fixed to the pacifier and carried around easily. With them, you never have to worry about your baby pacifiers getting lost or falling to the ground too frequently.

Types of Pacifier Clips

Before we get ahead of ourselves, you should know that there are two main types of pacifier clips.

  • Snap closure pacifier clip
  • Loop attachment Pacifier clip

How to Use a Pacifier Clip

Using a pacifier clip is thankfully not hard. All you need do is follow these 3 simple steps we have listed below.

For snap closure pacifier clips,

  1. Open the snap and carefully twist it around the pacifier handle
  2. Shut the snap tightly
  3. Next, clip the other end to your baby’s cloth or any other safe spot

For a Loop Pacifier Clip,

  1. Clasp one end of the loop on the handle of the pacifier
  2. Pull the clip through the hoop and tighten it adequately
  3. Clip the other end of the loop to your baby’s shirt.

What are the Benefits of Using a Pacifier Clip?

We all know how great pacifiers are – they help soothe your baby and reduce the risk of SIDs. But do you know that pacifier clips are also awesome? Let’s take a look at the juicy benefits of pacifier clips.

Keeps Your Pacifier Clean

Pacifier clips help keep your pacifiers clean. They hold them firmly in place and prevent them from dropping to the ground and getting contaminated.

Reduce the Risk of Germs and Infection

With clips, you don’t have to worry about the pacifier dropping in dirty places and getting contaminated. Clasp it on your child’s cloth and go about your day.

Keep the Pacifier from Getting Lost

Losing your baby’s pacifier while it is clipped to their cloth or any other surface is virtually impossible. So it’s bye to the never-ending search for pacifiers and hello to never losing the pacifiers again. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Now let’s look at how to select baby pacifiers.

How to Select the Best Pacifier Clip for Your Baby

There are certain things to look out for when purchasing a baby pacifier clip. We have outlined some of them below to make the selection process easier.

1.    Loop Design

First on the list is the loop design. Clips with loops can be attached easily to teething rings and other pacifiers, unlike those with snap closures.

2.    Ease of Cleaning

You should select pacifier clips that are easy to wash and clean so that you have one less stressful chore to battle with. We suggest looking out for machine-washable clips and those that are microwave friendly.

3.    Weight

Heavy-weight pacifier clips are not practical for babies. So, your pacifier clip should be lightweight; else, it will easily detach from your baby’s cloth.

4.    Safety 

You want a clip that is safe for your baby and comes with the necessary safety certifications. Compromising on safety can prove fatal for your baby so look out for the international safety certificates. As a rule of thumb, the cord of the clip should not be more than 7 inches long; else, it can become a strangulation hazard.

5.    Style

Many pacifier clips are available today, but we prefer those with braided rope straps. Their clips are usually strong and durable and can be metal or plastic.

6.    Type of Clip

Pacifier clips can come with plastic or metal loops. Both are fine as long as they are made with food-grade materials. However, we prefer clips with plastic loops as they are at no risk of rusting.

7.    Colors

Choose a color that suits you and your baby. You can go with pink clips for your baby girl and blue for the boy. Alternatively, you can select a pacifier clip of neutral colors that way, you can use it for both girls and boys.

Top Pacifier Clips of 2022

Now that you know what pacifier clips are and how to use them, it is time to look at the best pacifier clips out there.

If you are looking for a cute pacifier clip, the Mushie pacifier clip holder should come to mind. The pacifier clip is crafted with 100% high-quality food-grade silicone that poses no harm to your little one. Quality and premium care are the hallmarks of this brand, so rest assured, your baby is in good hands.

Another reason why this pacifier clip is our favorite is that it comes in a variety of exciting colors that both babies and parents love. As far as compatibility goes, the Mushie pacifier clip is compatible with Friggs pacifier, so you are safe.


  • Made with food-grade materials
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with Friggs baby pacifier
  • Safe for babies
  • It comes in several cute colors and designs


Not dishwasher friendly

Dodo baby’s pacifier clip comes in a set of four beautiful clips, each sporting a contemporary and stylish design that is suitable for both sexes. They come with metal clips that you can attach to your baby’s cloth without fear of tearing. One great thing about the Dodo pacifier clip is that it is compatible with most pacifier brands, so you don’t have to worry about it fitting.

Dodo pacifier clip set is made of high-quality water-resistant materials that are safe for your baby. With trendy colors, these clips are a hit!


  • Made of non-toxic materials; lead and phthalate-free
  • Confirm with international safety guidelines
  • Come in exciting designs
  • Compatible with many pacifier brands
  • Suitable for both girls and boys


  • Some parents feel that the purple design is quite dull

Brown’s advantage baby pacifier clip was specially designed for babies between 0-6 months and comes in a pack of two. Each pack has two blue pacifiers with stars, rockets, planets on them, and clips. 

Brown’s pacifier clips come with a closed-loop metal clasp that is perfect for securing the pacifier to your baby’s cloth. It is easy to durable and easy to clean.


  • Microwave and dishwasher friendly
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Durable and strong metal loops that secure the pacifier


  • It comes in limited colors

Mam pacifier clips come in a pack of two flexible plastic rings and fasteners that work great with any pacifier. The flexible clips hold the baby pacifier securely in place without ripping the baby cloth or damaging them. 

Made with high-quality materials, this baby pacifier clip is 100% safe for your baby and has no sharp edges. It is multifunctional and lightweight, so your baby will have an easy time using it.


  • BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free
  • Easy to wash
  • Dishwasher and sterilizer friendly
  • Conforms to European and U.S safety standards
  • A high-quality plastic lock holds the pacifier in place


A few people describe the rings on the clips as rigid

Stadel baby pacifier clip is crafted with your little one’s safety in mind. It is made from food-grade resin and is rust-proof. With no sharp edges, your baby is perfectly safe using it. Stadel pacifier clips help hold the pacifier in place without damaging your child’s cloth.

Made from sturdy, woven polyester fabric, this clip is compatible with most pacifier brands and suitable for the different teething rings and toys. Thankfully, they are easy to clean and environmentally friendly.


  • BPA, phthalate, and BPS free
  • Made from high-quality woven polyester material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with a range of teething toys and pacifiers
  • Easy to use clip


  • Some people complain that the clip can be a bit hard to open

PandaEar pacifier clips come in a pack of four beautiful colors that work well for both girls and boys. It is made from food-grade plastic that can be clasped on many pacifier brands and attached to clothes without damage.

The lightweight strap is strong, durable, and rust-proof. Here’s why we love it so much; it is both hand and machine-washable. 


  • Lightweight baby-friendly straps
  • Lead, phthalate, latex, and BPA free
  • Sturdy and durable
  • It comes in a pack of four
  • Available in a range of exciting colors


  • Some of the clips are easy to pull off from the strap

Yoofoss pacifier clip comes in a fancy pink and white combo suitable for your baby girl. Made with 100% food-grade silicone, this silicone baby pacifier clip is safe for your little one to chew on. What’s more, these clips are compatible with a host of baby pacifiers.

Yoofoss pacifier comes with a plastic clasp that you can attach to your baby’s clothes. Since the clip is plastic, there is no question of rust or sharp edges. 


  • The round beads help relieve your baby during the tough teething phase
  • Perfectly safe for your baby
  • Made with 100% food-grade material
  • It comes in different exciting shapes and colors
  • It comes in a pack of four


  • Some parents complain that it is heavy

BooginHead pacifier clip comes highly rated, and it is easy to see why – this pacifier clip is both cute and functional. Featuring a thick strap made from polyester and a metal clasp, this baby pacifier clip is safe. 

With a simple yet cute design, this clip provides you with a good attachment mechanism and is compatible with several baby pacifiers.


  • It comes in three fantastic colors and patterns
  • Made from nickel and lead-free metal
  • Perfectly safe for your little one
  • Sports beveled edges to eliminate sharp corners


  • The metal is subject to rust
  • It shouldn’t be washed with a dishwasher or washing machine

How to Make Pacifier Clips

Do you know you can make pacifier clips from the comfort of your house? Find out how in this section with our easy DIY pacifier clip guide.

  1. Get a strong strip of fabric and cut into 2¼ by 8″, taking care to cut along the grain. Then cut another strip of fabric of the same size to act as the interfacing.
  2. Sew down the two pieces together, right sides together by ¼.”
  3. Attach a safety pin to one end and pull it through. 
  4. Next, press down the strips and fold down the open end over the clip and sew it down with zigzag stitches.
  5. Attach a ribbon to the other open end and then sew it down with the simple straight stitch
  6. Backstitch a few times to ensure it is secure and string your pacifier through it.

Viola. You have created your pacifier clip.

Are Silicone Pacifier Clips Safe?

Yes, depending on the material used in making them, silicone pacifier clips are safe for your baby. Most of them are made with food-grade silicone free from BPA, Lead, Phthalate, and other harmful chemicals. The beads are great for soothing your child’s aching gums during teething and promote healthy teeth development. The silicone beads are ideal for soothing those tender gums; chewing beads can massage and promote healthy teeth and gum improvement.

One great thing about silicone pacifier clips is that they are easy to wash and more sanitary than other pacifier clips.

Final Thoughts

Baby pacifier clips are super handy and easy to use. They help you keep the pacifiers clean and away from the ground. We have outlined useful tips on selecting the best pacifier clips and thrown in a list of the best clips available today. You will find more information here.


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