ABC Kids Expo 2015 Consumer Trend Report

Consumer Trend Report for ABC Kids Expo 2015

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I had the opportunity to go to the 2015 ABC Kids Expo this week and it was pretty amazing.  Thousands of exhibitors and over 12,000 people came together for the world’s largest baby and juvenile products tradeshow.

When I had my first daughter in 2007, I remember buying myself a very high-end brown (like butta’) diaper bag that had plastic on the inside.  It was at a boutique in Danville, CA (a suburb of San Francisco) and there was nothing like it on the market at that time.  It was my treat to myself.  Kind of funny to think of a diaper bag that way but I went head first into the baby world and wanted to keep my style. 🙂

Well, at this show, it was leather diaper bags and beautiful bags like the ones from 12Little (drool) galore.  None of them *look* like diaper bags of course.  Much more sophisticated fabrics and styles.  Would it be so wrong if I bought one and didn’t use it for that reason? (lol)


I also found the Aden + Anais muslin wraps at the same boutique and bought them.  They were the only ones on the market.  In 2009, I found them in Babies R Us for half the price.  At this show, they had one of the largest booths and I’d guess they had around 200+ prints to choose from.  Beautiful jewel tones like rich purple and green.


It wasn’t just them. Almost every company that had a blanket had a version of a muslin wrap and Bamboo is the new “it” item. They consider it a luxury fabric, useful for good ventilation and natural antibacterial properties.   They’ve extended it into sleepwear items and everyday use, too.

About 5 years ago, it seemed that Ergo and Baby Bjorn ruled the carrier market.  There are so many more options today like the Lillebaby in fun prints and  Tula.


Don’t get me started on strollers!  There were A LOT of choices and the quality looked incredible on most of them. And the style! and function!  It almost made me want a baby. (well, not really)  You can definitely tell some were for fathers or city moms.  Lots of leather but I have to say I loved the white leather one here with a pop of pink from Mima Kids.  Wow, I’m turning more into my mother everyday.  She loves her white leather bags.


Mima Kids STroller


Okay, now onto the top 7 innovations from the 2015 ABC Kids Expo.  Drum roll please.


Best Mom Products Releases ABC Kids Expo Trend Report

Top 7 Innovative Consumer Products for Families

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 21, 2015  — Rachel Olsen, Founder, Best Mom Products releases the Consumer Product Trend Report featuring the top 7 innovative consumer products displayed at the 2015 ABC Kids Expo, the world’s largest industry trade show for baby and juvenile products in Las Vegas, NV Oct. 18-21, 2015.

“I absolutely loved seeing all the innovation at this year’s show. After reviewing baby and kid products for the past decade, I decided to create the top 7 list of innovative consumer products to make families lives easier and save them the time from researching it all,” shared Rachel Olsen, Innovation Analyst, Best Mom Products.

  1. Nenu Medical Grade Teether is created by 2 fathers who obsess over safety and quality.  Both industrial designers, the stick figure shape is fully functionality. The arms are designed with soft bumps for baby gums and the long legs with ridges made to reach the back of the mouth for molars.  Made in the U.S.A   Need I say more? 


  1. Nest Designs Kiera Modern Clutch looks like a stylish bag but also has the function of a diaper changer with additional room for your wallet and lipstick. No one will ever guess this is a diaper bag.  I love the look, of course, but the usability of this product for a night out to dinner without feeling the bulkiness of a huge diaper bag.


  1. Guzzie + Guss Intelligent Potty includes a built in custom voice recorder which allows parents to record messages like “Way to go sweetie!” that play immediately after a child stands up from the potty for positive reinforcement. So much I love about this product but especially for working parents who may have a caregiver potty training their child during the day.  How great is it that your child can still hear your voice and parenting while you are away?!?


  1. Rume Travel Play is an enclosed play mat perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. Keep your little one clean and having fun with this lightweight play area.  What I love about this product is the lightweight, easy to roll up in your other bag and bring with you.  And, if you are a germophobe like me, you have a clean place to put your baby or toddler.


  1. Bella Bundles Shushies™ is a cushioned accessory that covers the latch of any doorknob to prevent noise from opening and closing doors. Its goal is to allow parents, caregivers and siblings to check on sleeping babies and kids without waking them up. Made in the U.S.A  Need I say more?!  No toddlers locking themselves in a room, forget the loud slamming of doors with toddler (or teenager) tantrums.  Oh, and they are stylish and look great in any home. 


  1. Tot2Walk is a patent-pending baby walking aid that helps babies and toddlers learn to walk while minimizing the caregivers discomfort of bending over to hold the child’s hands. These guys were great at the show.  


  1. Disc-O-Bunk’s new Kid-O-Bunk is a 3-in-1 bed, bench and single cot with the durability of up to 200 pounds per cot.  It offers a mobile sleep and seating solution for kids on the go.  I love that you can easily put this product away in a closet and bring it out when you need it.  For guests, sleepovers, these would be a huge hit.  I also love that the parent company original use was for the U.S. Military and served Doctors without Borders.  Way to go!!


Seriously, these are amazing products and people.  Please go support your local mom and dad entrepreneur and family business.  They invented products out of necessity to help make families lives easier.

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  1. LOVE the Tot2walk! What a wonderful product for everyone; child, parent, grandparent, uncle, auntie, caregiver…. anyone and everyone should be using the tot2walk to help with the child’s balance and their grip for learning to walk.

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