Useful Tips on How to Buy Nursery Crib Bedding

Selecting a nursery crib bedding for your little one can be challenging. So in this article, we have listed the essential things a crib bed set should have, including tips to help you pick out the best sets. Read on to learn all you need to know about buying baby crib beddings for girls and boys.

Best Crib Bedding Essentials

We will get to the essential tips for buying the best baby crib bedding in a minute. First, let’s look at the essential baby crib materials.

• Crib Mattress Pads

One essential for your baby’s crib is a waterproof protector to help protect the mattress from unavoidable pee accidents. We recommend getting a hypoallergenic one so that your baby doesn’t come down with an allergic reaction to dust mites and other allergens. 

Mattress pads generally should not be thicker than one inch and should fit snuggly over the mattress so that your baby is comfortable. Take time to select a breathable one so that your baby is comfortable all through.

• Fitted Crib Sheet

Your crib bedding must have a fitted sheet that fits snuggly over the mattress. Most of them come in the standard size, so getting one that fits your baby mattress perfectly shouldn’t be a challenge. Ensure that it doesn’t bunch up and won’t loosen as your baby rolls around.

As always, ensure that the sheet is breathable and made from the finest of materials. You can get them from a physical store or any online store.

• Wearable Blanket

Wearable blankets, also known as swaddles, are considered safe for newborns and help them transition from the womb to the physical environment. Swaddling babies helps calm them down since it mimics the pressure of the womb. Studies have shown that wearable blankets improve neuromuscular development, reduce SID risk, and help the baby sleep for longer.

• Rail Guard Covers

Rail guard covers are essential crib items that stop your babies from biting on the railings of the crip when they are teething. They guarantee your child’s safety without compromising the general style of the nursery.

• Crib Bedding Sets

Alternatively, you can buy a baby crib bedding set and complete your nursery in one fell swoop. These sets come with everything you need for the crib, from fitted bedsheets to blankets and pillowcases. You can go for crib bedding sets with bumpers.

• Additional Accessories

If you have a bit of cash to spare, you can get some of these accessories for your baby crib to complete the look.

  • Comforters
  • Quilts
  • Pillows

Note: care should be taken when placing these items as they can pose a suffocation risk to the baby.

• Crib Skirt

A crib skirt is more of a decorative piece for the crib, so you can decide not to get them. Generally, they are hung at the crib base just above the floor. Their main function is to hide the under-crib storage and add to the crib decor.

• Comforters

Crib comforters act as decorative pieces for your child’s crib until they are big enough to move to the toddler bed. Until then, you can use swaddles to keep your baby warm and comfortable through the night.

What Size of Nursery Crib Sheet Do I Need?

Generally, there are two types of crib sheets readily available. The size you pick should depend on the size of your baby’s crib. The two sizes are:

• Standard Nursery Crib Sheet

A standard crib sheet fits a nursery mattress up to 8 inches thick. On average, it is 52 inches by 28 inches and fits snugly over a standard nursery mattress.

• Mini Crib Sheet

If your nursery has a mini crib, you should get a mini crib sheet to cover it firmly. mini crib sheets are about 24 inches by 38 inches in size. 

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need?

The question of how many crib sheets you need hinges on certain factors, such as your family size and needs. Another factor that comes to play is how often you intend to change the sheets. You want enough sheets so that the bed is not bare when you do laundry. 

If you plan on changing the sheets in the crib once a week, then three to five sheets would do. However, you may have to change more frequently than that with all the drooling and feeding. In which case, we recommend having at least five sheets to cater to everyday change. 

Useful Tips on How to Buy Nursery Crib Bedding

Here are some useful tips to help you select the best materials for your baby’s crib and keep your child as safe and comfortable as possible.

1. Choose Breathable Material

Newborns lie on their back for most of the day except, of course, they are being held. On their backs, they get really hot and start to sweat. So it makes sense to choose a crib sheet made from breathable material so that your little one stays cool even in the heat of the day.

Linen and cotton are breathable and absorbent, so you should go for them. They keep your baby cool and dry throughout the night.

2. Select Quality Materials

It goes without saying that infants have really sensitive skins, so it is wise to pay attention to the material they wear or sleep in. The rule of thumb is to go for clothing and crib beddings made from natural fibers like organic cotton and linen. Avoid crib materials made from anything synthetic, no matter how cheap it is.

3. Ensure they are Hypoallergenic Materials

Look out for materials that are hypoallergenic for your nursery crib. That way, you can keep those pesky allergies and reactions at bay.

4. Check the Fit

When selecting baby crib materials, the fit is important. If you select a crib sheet that is too loose, your baby can suffocate on it at night. So, avoid anything that poses a threat to your baby’s movement and breathing.

Bonus: Best Material for Nursery Crib Bedding

The best materials for nursery crib bedding sets are cotton and linen. Not only are they comfortable, but they also absorb sweat and are super breathable. The fact that these materials are also hypoallergenic is also a plus because they prevent the buildup of germs, bacteria and allergens. 

Picking Out a Baby Girl Crib

Shopping for a baby girl crib is exciting; there are several options to choose from. However, the wealth of options can pose a challenge when narrowing your options down. To help, we have made this list of things to consider.

• Theme

You don’t want to select a crib that matches the nursery’s general theme. Alternatively, you can select the bedding and then choose how you want the nursery décor to look like. You can go with a butterfly theme or a floral theme. Other beautiful themes for girls include clouds, rainbows, unicorns, etc.

• Color

Select crib bedding sets for girls that match the colors of your nursery. To be on the safe side, choose sets that include white, purple, pink, rose gold or coral. Neutral colors like pastel yellow, orange, and green also work well.

• Price

Whatever you choose to go for, stick to your budget. On average, a crib bedding set can cost you anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on what you are looking out for.

Best Baby Crib Bedding Set for Girls

Lambs And Ivy Baby Crib Bedding Set

Lambs And Ivy Baby Crib Bedding Set comes in beautiful colors that light up your baby girl’s nursery. The 5-piece set comes with everything you need to decorate your little one’s nursery. It has a crib skirt, quilt, wall decals, and two snug crib sheets made of 100% cotton. 

The rainbow wall decals add a unique hand-painted mural vibe to your little one’s room. The luxurious details on the crib skirt make your nursery room look like a million dollars. All in all, this nursery crib set is a great addition to any nursery.

Lambs & Ivy Watercolor Pastel Pink/Mint Rainbow 5-Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set
90 Reviews
Lambs & Ivy Watercolor Pastel Pink/Mint Rainbow 5-Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set
  • 5-piece crib bedding set includes one quilt, two 100% cotton fitted crib sheets, one crib skirt and one complete set of wall decals
  • Beautiful watercolor arches of pastel rainbow colors decorate the quilt
  • Two darling, breathable 100% cotton fitted crib sheets. One features rainbow watercolor elephants and the other features beautiful watercolor rainbows
  • Tassel trimmed crib skirt with three panels of white, mint and pink
  • On-trend rainbow wall decals add a hand-painted mural look to your baby’s room walls

Best Cribbing Set for Boys

Wild West Western Horse Cowboy Baby Boy Bedding 4 Piece Set

The Wild West Western Horse Cowboy bedding set for boys is everything you need in a nursery crib set and more! It comes with a fitted sheet, stacker, crib skirt, diaper stacker and a comforter. 

The design is easy to clean and comes with matching accessories to complete your nursery décor. For a fair price of $140, you can get these crib bedding sets for boys in any of these colors: chocolate, brown, red, cream, green, blue and gold.

Wild West Western Horse Cowboy Baby Boy Bedding 4 Piece Crib Set
60 Reviews
Wild West Western Horse Cowboy Baby Boy Bedding 4 Piece Crib Set
  • 4 Piece Set Includes: Crib Blanket: 45 in. x 36 in., Fitted Crib Sheet: 52 in. x 28 in. x 8 in. pocket, Crib Skirt: 52 in. x 28 in. x 12 in. Drop, Diaper stacker: 15 in. x 20 in. x 6 in.
  • Sweet Jojo Designs also offers matching rail guard and 11 piece crib set sold separately
  • This western themed baby boy crib bedding set combines exclusive cowboy print, cow print, red bandanna print, plaid, denim and microsuede in a patchwork construction
  • The design uses brushed microfiber fabrics combined with microsuede fabrics that are machine washable for easy care
  • This design has matching accessories such as crib sheets, wall decor, window treatments and more.

Best Unisex Luxury Baby Cribs

Oberlux Crib Bedding Set for Boys and Girls

The Oberlux crib bedding set is a unisex luxury baby crib that has all you need to complete the design in your nursery. This 8-in-1 set comes with a comforter, one crib skirt, a swaddle, wearable blanket, plush security blanket, and two snug crib sheets.

The animal-themed is perfect for boys and girls and makes the perfect baby shower gift for your loved one. Made from the finest natural cotton and hypoallergenic material, this set guarantees your child a cool and comforting time in the crib.

Oberlux Crib Bedding Set for Boys and Girls, 8 Piece Baby Nursery Bedding Crib Set, Jungle Animal Safari Theme, Gray/Tan/White
199 Reviews
Oberlux Crib Bedding Set for Boys and Girls, 8 Piece Baby Nursery Bedding Crib Set, Jungle Animal Safari Theme, Gray/Tan/White
  • This 8 piece crib bedding set includes one quilt/comforter, two fitted crib sheets, one crib skirt, one wearable blanket (recommended for safe sleep), one baby swaddle, one elephant plush security blanket, and a set of 18 wall decals/stickers.
  • This animal theme crib bedding set was especially designed with neutral colors to suit a baby boy & baby girl. Perfect as a baby shower gift or to upscale the nursery room.
  • This gorgeous, complete crib set was designed in London, UK with your baby in mind. The soft textured fabrics and detailed embroidery are a wonderful sensory delight for your precious little one.
  • The bedding crib set is made with soft cotton materials for delicate baby skin. The crib sheets are fully elasticated and breathable ensuring a secure fit for a safe sleep. Compliant with US CPSC standards & CPC certified.
  • All crib bedding and apparel in this set is machine washable. Made to fit on a standard crib/toddler mattress measuring 28″ x 52″.

Final Thoughts

We have highlighted useful things to consider when choosing a baby crib set in this article. Remember the rule of thumb: always ensure that the crib bedding set is made of hypoallergenic natural materials like cotton and linen that way, your baby stays cool and comfortable. You can get any of the recommended baby cribs for your child’s nursery.

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