Thank YOU! We made it on iTunes “New & Noteworthy”


We couldn’t have done it without your support!!  In less than a week of launching, we made it to the iTunes “New & Noteworthy” category which promotes new podcasts.  This means we reached our major goal of being recognized as an interesting podcast in Business, Education and Technology globally.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

What does that really mean?

Prior to launching the Best Mom Products Show/podcast, I thought this would be mean thousands of downloads (that is how the podcasting world evaluates popularity).  Each episode is a download per person and I’ve recently learned from a Facebook podcasting group that although most do not like to share numbers – that about 500 downloads per month is a success.  So far I’m getting about 25-35 downloads per day which is better than what I was getting.  I’ve learned through my own businesses and the women I interview to celebrate each win, even if it isn’t what you had envisioned. With  each goal you have for your business and each corresponding activity comes an expectation.  That expectation leads to excitement or disappointment.  It is rare that what you think will happen, actually happens but being open to what comes your way is where the gift can lay.

I’m excited to have reached my goal and feel overwhelming support from those close to me and those who have recently come into my life to support my venture.  I am disappointed that the world didn’t think this is THE best podcast ever in just a few days (lol) but I also know growing a business is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you would like to support Best Mom Products and learn from mom entrepreneurs, please consider writing us a review in the iTunes store and/or signing up for our newsletter.

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