Watch Your Course: How to Pitch A TV Producer + Get Results

Congratulations on taking a step forward to becoming more knowledgeable and confident about how to reach out to press.  

Inside the Course: Let’s take a look at what Theresa Loe is going to teach you.

1.     The 5 Pitch Strategies That Will Get You Noticed

2.    The 5 Most Common Pitch Mistakes

3.    Tips for what TO DO and NOT TO DO when Pitching

4.    Preparing for the “surprise” (Secret) Audition

5.    How to Leverage your TV Appearance


This 30+ minute course will provide the knowledge you need to start pitching not only television producers but any reporter or journalist.  

It is your foundation to taking the next step confidently to start securing media placements and getting your and your product/service known.

After taking the course, please share with me what you learned or what other courses you would find helpful.

Thank you!

Rachel Olsen


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