We’ve LAUNCHED our Podcast on iTunes & need YOUR help!

How to Subscribe and Review the Best Mom Products Podcast on iTunes.

I started Best Mom Products in 2011 by interviewing some friends who started their businesses.  I was, and still am, fascinated by the stories of women founding start-ups while managing to raise a family.  I had no idea how much I had to learn but like most of the women I’ve interviewed — it’s much more than I ever thought.  I’m still on my journey and have learned about the world of podcasting – iTunes, Stitcher, Blackberry, Zune – and where my podcast fits in.

In order to grow an audience and reach entrepreneurs, I created a new show (“Best Mom Products Show”) on iTunes.  To be recognized in their “New & Notable” category which promotes select podcasts on their homepage (a major coup), I need your help.  I have the next 8 weeks (sounds long but it’s not) to get positive reviews and subscribers to my podcast in order to be put in this HOT category.  

HELP US be named “NEW and NOTABLE” on iTunes to grow our audience & help mom entrepreneurs everywhere!

ACTION 1 – HERE’S HOW TO SUBSCRIBE to the Best Mom Products Podcast:

1. Click THIS LINK.

2. Under the Best Mom Products Logo, click the little blue button “View in iTunes”

  •  You may get a notification “External Protocol Request” –  you should click “Launch Application” 


3. iTunes will open the Best Mom Products Podcast page.  Click “Subscribe”. (subscribing is free and it simply let’s you know when a new podcast is available to listen to)  Set it to download last 5 episodes or “download all”

You’ll find that the Best Mom Products Podcast icon will now appear in your Podcast menu in your iTunes Library, and the first FOUR EPISODES are there and will download!

ACTION 2 –  HERE’S HOW TO REVIEW to the Best Mom Products Podcast:

Then click the 2nd tab “Ratings & Reviews” and give us a rating and review.


More basic information about iTunes & Podcasts on About.com including how to download, subscribe, play.


 I appreciate your support!!  Please write any questions or comments below.  Thank you 😉



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