Top 10 “Geek Outs” from Social Media Marketing World

What Were My Top 10 “Geek Outs” from Social Media Marketing World?


1. If you want to have A LOT of fun and network comfortably, go to Social Media World. It’s almost as friendly as Disneyland. (that one’s for you Lou Mongello)

2. In April 2015, Google is going to cleanse all non mobile friendly sites. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it will no longer rank high. ~ Brian Clark, CEO, CopyBlogger

3. Guy Kawaski is really funny. He wakes up and thinks, huh, what’s Zuckerberg up to today and looks at all the Facebook algorithm changes as a challenge. You can tell he truly enjoys it.

4. LinkedIn’s Jason Miller ranks his greatest accomplishments in this order:

  • Wedding
  • Baby
  • Going to any hard rock concert – KISS particularly

5. Slideshare is under-utilized in marketing. Since it is indexed by all search engines, it is a smart way to share your knowledge and demonstrate thought leadership. ~ Jason Miller, LinkedIn

6. Video, Video, Video – create native video between 30 sec-1 minute on Facebook. ~ Mari Smith, FB Expert

7. Marketing Consultants – “Get out of trading time for fees.”(touché) ~ John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

8. Google+ Expect 2.5 billion android devices over the next 4-5 years to be used in China and India so there is going to be more opportunity for Google+. ~ Martin Shervington

9. Instagram – Include an opt-in in your bio on Instagram. It is currently the only place that allows hyperlinks. Use emoji’s to express more emotion to connect with customers and make the *feel.* It’s all about the image.

10. The conference had a VA on-site doing research for you to connect you with the right people at the conference. Now that’s above and beyond any conference I’ve ever been to.

Bonus: I think the Bizzaboo app made everything from connecting on LinkedIn (bye-bye business cards) to finding the right sessions and locations so much easier. (As a former event planner, I totally geek out on this one!)

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