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Lainie Line


Founder: Rachel Teichman

Rachel Teichman is a woman of many talents and *gifts.* With a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from the University of California at San Diego, and an MBA from San Diego State University, most of her professional career has been in the Journalism and Public Relations field as a writer, blogger and PR executive. 

She now concentrates her writing and publicity into two beloved sites that share a common thread based on her love of parenting, kids and support for moms, OOGIAH & Scrumpt.


Aha Moment:

Just thinking that so many people do sell jewelry and I can too! Other things fell into place like finding someone to create the first round of pieces and being inspired while on a summer vacation.  We were all in Paris and I kept a running list on the Notepad on my phone of all the fashion inspiration I saw and other design elements on buildings and everywhere.

The locks on the Pont des Arts bridge was so inspiring as well. Taking an extra close look around you, whether at home or away, can lead you to finding new solutions to problems, or product inspirations. Take a new route, walk instead of drive, go somewhere new, even locally to get inspired.


Jewelry and candy party favors that are easy to find, and that everyone will like. Will also be adding pieces that are meant to appeal to kids to buy for moms, so maybe we should wait until then!

Target Audience + How to Reach them:

Moms, parents. Facebook, Instagram, traditional PR.

Greatest Success:

Getting the products onto my site and Etsy, growing followers, still low but increasing at least. Knowing that people like the products.

Biggest Challenge:

Costs for the supplies and pieces.

Overcoming the Challenge:

I can control how much inventory I want to create/hold at a time.

When you imagine success, what does it look like?

Being the go to place for gifts, getting products to celebs, and major magazine exposure.

What steps are you taking to achieve your goals?

Working with a contract PR person. I talked to a lot before finding one aligned with me and my budget. Also worked with someone on web content and some social media tips.

What PR + Marketing activities have you done and what were the results?

Just getting started on the PR. The social media helps to remind people of the brand. It is about timing, it being the right time where someone needs to purchase something.

As an entrepreneur, how do you decide what to do yourself and what to hire someone to do?

What someone can do better than me and in less time, I will outsource.

How do you manage family and business?

Working when the kids are in school or otherwise engaged.

What advice do you have to fellow mom entrepreneurs?

Just do it! Make samples, try out ideas and run them by other people.

What have you learned about yourself being an entrepreneur?

To really hone in on your niche and what you want to provide.

If you could wave a magic wand and be given anything to help your business right now, what would it be?

Hiring a PR person on retainer rather than project basis. And unlimited clasps and jump rings in all the right sizes!

What is your favorite go-to resource, tool, book, app and why?

I use for all of my websites. The notepad on my iPhone is great for brainstorming ideas and making lists and posts by Debbie Weinstein of Infuse Marketing are helpful bites of info.

What is your favorite indulgence?

Chocolate salted almonds.


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