Video Course: How to Pitch A TV Producer + Get Results

Welcome to our Video Course: How to Pitch A TV Producer + Get Results

I probably don’t need to tell you that getting on television will increase your visibility and create awareness for your product or service in a way no other media can do.  It is the most personal form of media.  

Someone is watching you (not in the creepy way), listening to your voice and hearing your story or point of view directly from you.  It is your opportunity to build a relationship directly with your customers and clients, make a long lasting impression and most importantly drive sales.

I get asked frequently about the secret to getting reporters, journalists and producers to respond to entrepreneur’s pitches.  If you are reaching out to press or want to, this mini-course will provide the necessary insight on how to pitch and reach out to any media, not just television.  

Theresa Loe, Producer, PBS has received hundreds of pitches.  She shares strategies on how to get notices, what not to do, the secret audition and how to leverage your grand debut. 

About Your Instructor: Theresa Loe, Award Winning Television Producer, PBS

Theresa Loe is an award-winning Co-Executive producer of the national PBS gardening series Growing A Greener World, which is seen by over 1 million viewers each week and focuses on sustainable gardening, homesteading and farm-to-table food.

Theresa is also the on-air canning expert on the show. With experience both in front of and behind the camera, Theresa is able to pre-interview and guide the PBS show guests so they can be their best on television.

She lives in the heart of Los Angeles with her husband, two teenage boys, chickens and a whole lot of edible plants.

Inside the Course: Let’s take a look at what Theresa Loe is going to teach you.

1.     The 5 Pitch Strategies That Will Get You Noticed

2.    The 5 Most Common Pitch Mistakes

3.    Tips for what TO DO and NOT TO DO when Pitching

4.    Preparing for the “surprise” (Secret) Audition

5.    How to Leverage your TV Appearance

This 30+ minute information packed mini-course + worksheet will provide the knowledge you need to start pitching not only television producers but any reporter or journalist.  

It is your foundation to taking the next step confidently to start securing media placements and getting your and your product/service known.

Do you want to get a feel for Theresa and her style?  Check out some of the short interviews I did with her on pitching that just scratch the surface of what she teaches in this course. or

Let’s get started.  Once you purchase the course below, you will get immediate access to the video lesson.

Video Course: How To Pitch A TV Producer + Get Results

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