Interview: Haylie Plant, Bee Bear Children’s Designs

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Haylie Plant, Founder, Bee Bear Children’s Designs son had horrible Acid Reflux and couldn’t find burp cloths that would stay in place or retain moisture. She created several prototypes for her husband to use, and continually made changes until she developed the current design.  Then, her “AHA” moment came … that others parents need this product as well.  At that moment she saw all the possibilities that The Baby Sleeve can offer to parents and caregivers.


I have invented a multi-purpose cloth for moms and babies named The Baby Sleeve, it is designed to be highly absorbent, leak-proof and provided excellent coverage. It includes five layers of fabric – four layers of cotton and one waterproof layer sandwiched in between. The Baby Sleeve is reversible which enables it to sit comfortably on either shoulder. Its unique design also incorporates a draped sleeve to provide additional coverage and stability. The Baby Sleeve keeps moms stylish with a variety of colorful modern prints and designs. With the sleeve, you get several products for the price of one: a burp cloth, nursing cover, an absorbent utility cloth. Many baby wearing moms love it as well, because it provides shade and privacy for mom and baby…the options are endless!

Target Audience + How to Reach them:

I have several target markets, the first would be moms that like to shop in boutiques and enjoy buying cute, stylish and modern designs for their baby.  Also, parents that like products that can multi task for them, so there is less stuff to carry and less things to buy.  Lastly, would be the parent that their child suffers with spit up and acid reflux like my son endured.  This product is for all parents or caretakers that want the best for their child.

Greatest Success:

Getting my company started, having The Baby Sleeve patented, while also caring for my toddlers full time.

Biggest Challenge:

Product exposure and time, like I said before I care for my children full time. Bee Bear is growing, as well as my children; and finding enough time in the day that I can dedicate 100% to both has created challenges that I am enjoying figuring out “how can I do both well.”

How did you overcome that challenge?

I haven’t yet, but that is what makes this fun. It is a learning process, both of my passions need 100% of me and I am enjoying figuring it all out.

When you imagine success, what does it look like?

I think success for me would be, The Baby Sleeve to be the next “must have” baby product all parents everywhere are wanting one and end up buying two, because they believe in the product.

What steps are you taking to achieve your goals?

Reaching out locally here in San Antonio to work with all the Mompreneur businesses to create a support group that we help promote each others businesses, exchange ideas or problems.  Creating exposure for my business, reaching out to retailers and getting people  talking about what a great product this is, making people believers of my product.

What PR + Marketing activities have you done and what were the results?

Oh I have done it all…I sell on my website, ETSY, Amazon and Facebook, I have created Google Ads, and create buzz about Bee Bear on Social Media. I have subscription boxes place coupons in all their boxes they send to their customers.  I love to attend Baby Expos to see all the cool products and create great local partnerships.  Since this is a new product people need lots of explanation on what this product is, what is does, and why they can’t live with out it.  That is my job right now, to educate my target market on The Baby Sleeve.

As an entrepreneur, how do you decide what to do yourself and what to hire someone to do?

Right now I am a one man show. Except for my sewing contractor that sews all my goods. I also, out source my PR/Marketing writing to my brother, but I just pay him with margaritas.

How do you manage family and business?

Still trying to figure that one out, but I have a very supportive husband that is excited about my invention and also believes that my company can be and will be successful, but it just takes time.

What advice do you have to fellow mom entrepreneurs?

Work hard, take time to do it right, and don’t give up.

What have you learned about yourself being an entrepreneur?

I love seeing my products help people, I love to hear “this is the best baby product I have seen in a while.” This has also given me many teachable moments with my children…more than I thought at the age of 3 and 5;  I look forward to the many more to come.

If you could wave a magic wand and be given anything to help your business right now, what would it be?

Brand exposure and the capitol to grow with that exposure.

What is your favorite go-to resource, tool, book, app and why?

Fashion Incubator
Retail Minded
All these sources have provided great advice and resources that has helped me create and grow my business.

What is your favorite indulgence?

Quite time with my husband and a good margarita!

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