5 Simple Interview Tips for Looking & Sounding Great on Video

Video Interview Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs

Video is everywhere – from recruiters conducting Skype interviews to YouTube & Vimeo “how-to” video’s.  Are you going to be interviewed?  Are you going to interview someone? Do you want to create an intro video for your website? Getting camera ready will be critical to your success.  Here are some set-up tips on what to be aware of  to look good!

I’ve been interviewing mom entrepreneurs via video for a few years now and have learned some simple tips you can use to look and sound great on video.

1. Ensure a Good Internet Connection

  • Turn off all fans – it eats up bandwidth and will negatively affect your internet connection
  • If using a PC, plug an ethernet cord into your computer to ensure a hard wired line.  If using a MAC, you will not need to plug in.
  • Close out of all programs on your computer except for Skype or Google Hangout – whatever you are using to conduct the interview
  • Plug in your battery

2.  Properly Line Up Your Computer/Webcam

  • Whether you are using a webcam or built-in video camera (Macs are great for this), line up your computer or laptop on a desk that does not move.
  • Place some books or anything you have that is even height to elevate your camera to look down on you.  You may need to slightly tilt the top of your laptop to look down at you.
    • When a lens is looking down, you look smaller.
    • When a lens is looking up, you look bigger and usually your nostrils are flaring straight into the camera. Not fun to watch…or see yourself.

3. Lighting:

  • Windows should all be in front of you for best lighting
  • If you have windows coming in from behind, use curtains or close the blinds
  • Plug in a light in front of you – a small office desk lamp is fine
  • If light is coming in from the side, half your face will be lit up and the other half will look shaded (think Phantom of the Opera – okay, well, not that extreme)

4.  Audio:

  • Close windows and doors – outside noise is picked up easily
  • For best audio, wear a headset – this reduces the interference from the other person’s microphone
  • Use a microphone for a clear, crisp sound
  • Don’t wear dangling jewelry, bracelets specifically

5. Looking Good!

  • Wear make-up  (men, too) powder works well to reduce the redness that comes through in video
  • Sit up straight – watch your posture
  • Look into the camera, not the screen
  • Keep your hands down by your sides or in your lap
  • Wear solid colors – look at your background and don’t wear the same color

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