Interview: Tori Levine, Babies at the Barre™


Meet Mom Entrepreneur Tori Levine, Founder, Babies at the Barre™

“I wish I was told to ‘own’ being a business woman from the start. I felt since my business was just starting and wasn’t generating revenue that I couldn’t call myself a business owner. When I stopped and realized my business doesn’t have to be a huge operation to be a business and started saying “I own my own business” I had a great boost in confidence and saw those results in my work!”

What does your business offer?
Babies at the Barre™ is a mommy and me fitness class done while baby is worn in a baby carrier and designed to help moms regain core and pelvic floor strength without damaging their healing bodies. Babies at the Barre™ classes are specifically designed by a pre/postnatal fitness educator to safely reintroduce exercise into a new moms routine.

Babies at the Barre™ also offers new moms and fitness professionals the opportunity to become licensed and certified Babies at the Barre™ instructors so they can set their own schedule and earn additional income while keeping baby close.

New moms, or moms who still are able to wear their baby/toddler, are my target consumers. I have been reaching them locally through free advertisements and marketing online and in local events calendars. I have worked on growing my social media reach and engaging possible instructors this way.

What was your AHA moment?
Had a baby, young children

How has PR and Marketing helped your business?
I started out sending similar emails to all the local media I could with just about no response. I learned a great deal from Rachel’s Biz Celeb course and have been putting that to use and have been featured on a podcast as well as some articles about pelvic floor health after baby and diastasis recti.

What’s your greatest success to date?
I feel my greatest success to date is the fact that I have been able to help new moms start their own businesses that benefit other new moms!

What’s been challenging and how did you overcome it?
My biggest challenge so far has been finding the time to get everything I want to done for my business (public relations, marketing, growth) while still getting to spend quality time with my family.

I take things day by day, I handle the most pressing issues and remain flexible.

What steps are you taking to achieve your goals?
I have taken Rachel Olsen’s Biz Celeb course to help me understand how to better get press coverage. I am working on reaching out to media as well as building a following on social media platforms.

What are your best tips on managing family and business?
Things felt very unbalanced for me until I was able to hire a sitter to care for my son on a consistent schedule. This allowed me time to plan work and get it done and time to just play and spend time with my family. I feel I get so much more done in a much smaller amount of time when I know ‘this is the time I have for work.’

What are your favorite tools and resources?
The Bizchix podcast and Asana.

If you could wave a magic wand right now, what would you wish for?
Extra time and money!

Where can readers go to learn more about you and your business?

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