Video Interview: How Blinkybuggy’s Founder Approaches Investors

blinkbuggy founder

  How did Blinkbuggy Approach and Secure Investors? How did Emma Weisberg, Founder, Blinkbuggy validate her business idea, build a modern day baby book and approach investors to raise $500k through friends & family? After 10 months of developing her product, she learned she couldn’t use it.  Disappointed, she was going to throw it out the window […]

Audio Interview with Options Away’s Mompreneur, Heidi Brown

Heidi Brown OptionsAway

  How did mompreneur Heidi Brown, Founder, Options Away take her love for travel and desire for flexibility to create a travel company that allows consumers to hold their flight for days or weeks with the option to buy?   A former Options Trader, MBA from the London Business School and mom of 2 living in […]

Video Interview: Traklight CEO Shares Startup Challenges

best mom products interview

  Traklight CEO Shares Insight into Start-up Challenges Before you hire a software developer or raise capital, listen to this interview with Mary Juetten, Founder & CEO, TrakLight. How did Mary Juetten, a former CPA and JD start  an online consulting software company that allows inventors, creators, and businesses to identify Intellectual Property IP) and provides […]