Interview: Megan Hardwick, Founder, Wings Cosmetics

Meet Mom Entrepreneur Megan Hardwick of Wings Cosmetics


“My advice would be to stop wondering where to start. If you spend too much time wondering where to start the opportunity will pass you by.

Ignore the negative. It’s useless and destructive because if you focus on the negative or what someone said about you your attitude changes and not in a good way.

Out of sight out of mind and keep on being productive. Those negative people won’t get to the top trying to drag you down and use you as a stepping stone. “

What does your business offer?
I invented the Wings Cosmetics tools, the solution to your eyeliner problems. My tools easy transfer your eyeliner directly onto you eye on a matter of seconds. It ensures baseline symmetry for each eyes and it eliminates the need to hand draw your eyeliner wings. They come in two styles and is universal for most eye shapes. Now any woman can wear the popular cat eye eyeliner look without having to be an artist. Everyone has the opportunity to look and feel beautiful regardless of skill.

My target customer is women between the ages of 19-34. They are mothers, working women, busy taking care of other and household who want to achieve the popular “cat eye” eyeliner look but don’t have the skill, time or physical ability to apply eyeliner in the normal fashion.

What was your AHA moment?
Had a baby, young children

How has PR and Marketing helped your business?
I have a very good grasp on Facebook marketing. As of now that is 95% of my marketing platform. I use a variety of videos and photos to promote my product. I have spent some time promoting my product for the MTV Movie Awards gifting suite and have had some YouTube videos. The results have been incredible! Facebook marketing has had a big part in my marketing success because it’s easy to get in front of your exact target audience.

What’s your greatest success to date?
My business and product has been extremely successful sinced I launched my products. I would say my great success and the reason for creating the Wings tools is the confidence women have been give of my tools. It’s not just makeup to women and moms like me who can’t do it. When I get up, get dressed and face the world whole feeling and looking great that changes things. To me, helping other women get their confidence back has been my greatest success.

What’s been challenging and how did you overcome it?
My biggest challenge has been teaching the consumer how to use my product correctly. It’s the first to market and it’s my responsibility to make sure the consumer has all the information and tools they need to use the Wings Cosmetics tools. I am constantly coming up with creative ways to make sure my tool and the idea is easy to understand and sometimes that is a challenge.

I listened to my customer. I took note of what was confusing and misinterpreted so I could create a clearer image for them for using my tool. By listening to my customer directly I was able to communicate in their language and they were able to use the tools without any issues.

What steps are you taking to achieve your goals?
There are several things I am doing to reach my goals, personal development, reading, schedules, deadlines, meetings. The most important thing I do is intentionally remind myself of my goals every day and often so I don’t lose sight of my mission. I want to see what I am working toward as much as I can. My goals are not on the back burner, they are right in my face. I also remind myself of my “why” as much as I can so I have the motivation to reach those goals.

What are your best tips on managing family and business?
I was a stay-at-home mom for 3 years and it was amazing but I felt I was missing something. I started my business and created my products and had a sense of fulfillment because it was something for just me. I love being a mother more than anything but I also love owning and running my own business. I created my products on my kitchen counter but as my business grew I knew I couldn’t run it out of the house especially with two toddlers. The idea of shopping 100’s of orders a day with 4 tiny hands and a million little parts sounds like a unorganized train wreck. I decided to separate work and home and it was the best decision I ever made. I rented a little shop and the boys went to a fabulous in-home day care. I was able to be the business woman at work and get stuff done. Then I could be a full time mom when I was home and completely focus on my sweet boys giving them my undivided attention. I couldn’t give the business or my babies 100% of my focus at the same time. You really need to separate the two for the good of both.

What are your favorite tools and resources?
My Bible is my go-to resource because the Lord is my business partner. I spend a lot of time in prayer because my business is not just for me, it’s to help take care of Gods children and his kingdom. Second is Dave Ramsey and Entreleadership. He is an amazing leader and has some excellent advice for small business owners. I really admire Dave Ramsey.

If you could wave a magic wand right now, what would you wish for?
This is a tough question for me and I’m not sure why. If a magic want could give me the most sought after organization skills I would take it. That would be heavenly both as a business woman and as a mother.

Where can readers go to learn more about you and your business?

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