Interview: Julie Feldman, Bella Bundles

Bella Bundles

“Our greatest success to date was being on the Ellen DeGeneres show.”

Founder: Julie Feldman


Aha Moment:

When I was out walking with my daughter; I kept tucking a blanket into a carrier and it kept falling off. Out of frustration and a need I came up with the Blanket On The Go™. After sometime, I thought…”aha” this is what I need to do. I can sell these. I can combine my desire to create with a need in the marketplace.


Our most popular product is the Blanket On The Go™. It is a superbly plush blanket that has straps with snaps on all four corners. This allows you to fasten the blanket to any car seat, carrier, stroller and transforms into a nursing cover.

Target Audience + How to Reach them:

Our target customer is the modern mom on the go. Someone who wants a high quality product that is fashion forward, yet practical and functional. I feel like it should be the only blanket in your diaper bag!

Greatest Success:

Our greatest success to date was being on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Ellen was a big success for me for a few reasons.

The first is it was something that I had always dreamed of doing; getting my products on Ellen was a part of my ‘Big Picture’ goal.  I had a dream board and had even put her logo on that dream board.  When we actually heard that we were selected to be a part of her Mother’s Day giveaway it was a validating moment.

I felt that I wasn’t the only one who believed in my products.

The second reason it was my biggest success was the shear number of people my product was introduced to at one moment in time. I will forever be able to say, “Bella Bundles was on Ellen.”
Prior to Ellen I had about 40 followers on FB and sales were small, almost 2 years post show I now have over 3,000 followers and it increases daily. My sales probably quadrupled.

Biggest Challenge:

There have been a few. Finding a good manufacturer was the first. Having to wear so many hats as a mom and a business owner has been the second.

Overcoming the Challenge:

Through trial and error we found a great manufacturer in the United States. As for the “juggling act” I am still trying to figure that out every day 😉

When you imagine success, what does it look like?

I would like to see our products in the big box stores. I would love to have a team together that shares in all the tasks that are required to run a successful business.

What steps are you taking to achieve your goals?

It is important to use every experience as a learning experience that educates you on what was successful and what did not work. In continuing to tweak these things I am getting closer to achieving my goals.

What PR + Marketing activities have you done and what were the results?

I currently use a publicist. However, before that I would find a business, blog or media outlet whose target audience was not only big, but that also was an audience that was our target audience.

As an entrepreneur, how do you decide what to do yourself and what to hire someone to do?

You have to ask yourself, what are your skill sets? What are you naturally good at? What can you teach yourself? When building a business, do every single thing that you think you can do yourself and teach yourself.

When there are not enough hours in the day to do it all, find the most efficient and cost effective way to get it done. I began by sewing and creating all of our products. When the demand increased I began to find local sewers who could help. When that no longer worked, I began the process of finding a factory.

How do you manage family and business?

The only way I have found to manage both is to be flexible. Everyday poses a different challenge and a different reward. I have to weigh those every day and sometimes every hour.

Being organized and pre-planning your priorities is very helpful to get the most out of the limited time that you have as a mother and a business owner..

What advice do you have to fellow mom entrepreneurs?

Think long and hard. Plan well. And then jump in and try!

What have you learned about yourself being an entrepreneur?

I think I have learned that I am more capable than I thought.

If you could wave a magic wand and be given anything to help your business right now, what would it be?

A partner and a good sales rep.

What is your favorite go-to resource, tool, book, app and why?

I think I go to my friends who have built a successful business for themselves. I run ideas and problems by them. I use them as my “board of advisors.”

What is your favorite indulgence?


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