You + Me … Me + You, Sooo Happy Together

It’s not just a song to me. (smile)

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1.  Business Celebrity DIY PR Course – Messaging, Pitching, Networking, Support

Join high quality mom entrepreneurs in the Business Celebrity Masterclass and learn how to pitch media in 1 hour a day in only 1 month HERE


2.  1:1 Consulting

See how I can help you HERE.

Don’t just take my word for it …

  • Helene Liatsos,

    Working with Rachel on the marketing aspects of my business was amazing!  She had done her homework about me and my website before we spoke and she totally got what I am about – and then in conversation with her, her knowledge about what I need to focus on to grow my business was exactly what I was looking for.  The amount of info Rachel shares is endless and it is delivered in a easy to understand way;  her style is totally professional yet friendly and enthusiastic about your needs.  Her ideas and suggestions cover all aspects of marketing thus creating a comprehensive plan to put into place to jump start your business.  Rachel is simply the best I’ve ever worked with!

  • Noelle Micek, Owner, Noelle Micek Interiors, Inc.

    Rachel’s consulting services were essential for my business’s jump into the PR landscape.  She gave us short term tasks to get us started, then laid out a longer term strategy to position our firm for the local and national press that we are aiming for.  Rachel knows how writers and editors think and is an expert at how to leverage the social media platforms. Any business owner who is looking for strategies to get the right publicity needs to start with Rachel.
  • Denise Cook, Founder, Artisan Sugars

    Combine strategic thinking, creativity, and flawless execution and you get Rachel Olsen. Not only did she translate my brand vision into a concrete brand strategy, but she crafted an integrated marketing plan for my business that ties all our marketing efforts together. Working with Rachel is like having a best friend that happens to be a marketing and PR genius. If you love your business but struggle with PR, you need to work with Rachel.


  • Mindee Hardin, Inventor, Boogie Wipes

    Rachel has energy, a journalists charm, big picture planning and exactly the right amount of business acumen and technology know how! Rachel is fantastic at connecting the connectors and delivering powerful media to better the way you work and live.

  • Amber Schaub, Founder, Rufflebutts

    Rachel was professional from the start, a pleasure to work with, and has an interesting entrepreneurial story of her own.


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