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7 Ways Not to Pitch a Reporter
+ How to GET Media

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Interview Spotlight

Look who's in the Spotlight! It's one of our Ahh-mazing Mompreneur friends telling it "like it is" - how she started her business, the real results and missteps along the way.

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Do you have a product idea and know it would be a huge hit – if only people knew about it?

Do you LOVE Shark Tank and want to know what it is really like to get on the show and the real results after the “show” deal is done?

What really goes on behind the scenes?

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(also available on Amazon, Kindle + Nook)

barbara corcoran“As a Shark, I’ve been in the tank with these entrepreneurs and I can tell you Rachel gets right to the heart of how they succeeded. Shark Tank MOMpreneurs is a must read for anyone looking to learn the inside secrets of getting on Shark Tank and landing a deal, or getting the publicity that’s essential for any successful business.”

~ Barbara Corcoran, Investor, Shark Tank

Jill-Salzman-Small-Low-Rez-For-Web-150x150“Think you’ve got the whole ‘leveraging the media’ thing covered? Think again. What Rachel is able to do superbly — getting mom entrepreneurs to open up about their Shark Tank experiences — and then turn that into a book of strategies, practical tips and honest feedback, is invaluable. She nails the ins and outs of utilizing the media for your business, and if you’re running one of your own, I can’t recommend this book highly enough.”

~ Jill Salzman, Founder, The Founding Moms

mindee doney boogie wipes 1“It’s hard enough to swim with the Sharks on your own – even harder when you have a school of kids swimming along with you. Having been there myself, I know for certain Rachels stories are tried and true to the challenges a Mom in business faces. Shark Tank MOMpreneurs will teach you how to finally generate the consumer demand you need to break into retail stores and reel in the success you and your family deserve.”

~Mindee Hardin, Inventor of Boogie Wipes® & founder of Juicebox Mom Consulting

blinkbuggy founder“This book provided a fascinating examination of the pros and cons of publicity. As a momprenuer striving for success, it is extremely helpful to hear real-life entrepreneur experiences with Shark Tank and the unexpected outcomes of this level of publicity.”
~ Emma Weisberg, Founder, Blinkbuggy


Who’s Behind this Ahh-some Site?

Equal Parts Mentor and Sidekick

Rachel Olsen, Founder, Best Mom Products Show + Podcast started this site to educate and inspire entrepreneurs by filling in the details of seemingly overnight success stories.

She is the Author of book Shark Tank MOMpreneurs Take a Bite Out of Publicity ~ How 5 Inventors Leveraged the Media to Build their Business and How You Can, Too.

Welcome friend!  It’s so nice to have you are here.

Best Mom Products provides:

  • Entrepreneur and expert interviews to help you move forward in your business faster.  Learn from other’s tips and mistakes saving YOU time and money

  • Media tools + resources to help you tell your authentic story in a way that the media will receive it.

Wanna know how we can help make your brand an icon and your product a staple like the little black dress?  Yep, we are talking Audrey Hepburn status over here.

  • Do you want customers to know, recognize and drool over your brand?

  • Do you want your product to be needed and wanted by every single customer?

You’ve come to the right place.  Okay, this isn’t Breakfast at Tiffany’s but I’ve done my best to give you jewels of information and resources wrapped up in little blue boxes.

Go ahead, open the first one.   7 Ways Not to Pitch a Reporter and How to GET Media

Get it now

Ohh, just open it already!  I can’t stand the suspense.  Do you luv it?  Let me know ~ in all sincerity ~ let me know.

I am dedicated to raising the profile of start-up Founders.  Why?  I think being an entrepreneur is one of the HARDEST things I’ve ever done … and I used to be Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle’s Handler.  I thought if I can handle one of the most exuberant CEO’s of all time, I surely can be an entrepreneur.

Well, I went from anyone and everyone taking my calls to knocking down doors.  Oh, you haven’t heard of Best Mom Products and you don’t care?? Whhhaat?! Well, I’ll show you.  I’ll show them all.  Okay, maybe not as dramatic as that but let’s face it ~ being an entrepreneur can be brutal.

It can be hard to get customers and media to notice you.  How do you stand out in a crowd?  Let me show you how.

As the Host of The Best Mom Products Show & Podcast (circa 2011), I interview entrepreneurs about how they started their business.  I dig deep (oh yeh) to find out what really works and doesn’t work …

“I sold 4000 towels in 3 hours on the Today Show’s ‘Steals + Deals’ segment but never sold much on Shark Tank, despite the 5 times they re-aired my episode”~ Shelly Ehler, Founder, Showno

Oh, and then I follow up with questions like “Why was or wasn’t it the best thing ev-ah for your product like you thought it would be?? How did you get on the show?  Tell me each step.” You know, valuable stuff like that ~ not the fluff.  The real deal.

Want to work together?  Me, too!


Toot! Toot!

See what other Momprenuers are saying.

  • mindee doney boogie wipes 1

    Mindee Hardin, Inventor, Boogie Wipes

    Rachel has energy, a journalists charm, big picture planning and exactly the right amount of business acumen and technology know how! Rachel is fantastic at connecting the connectors and delivering powerful media to better the way you work and live.

  • Amber Schaub Rufflebutts

    Amber Schaub, Founder, Rufflebutts

    Rachel was professional from the start, a pleasure to work with, and has an interesting entrepreneurial story of her own.

  • JaniceTaylor-Justbefriends_edited-1-300x281

    Janice Taylor, Founder,

    Rachel immediately struck me as someone with a great deal of integrity and respect for fellow Mompreneurs. Her passion to give a voice to women and an outlet to express themselves is admirable.

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